FX Tungsten Hammer For FX Rifles (except IMPACT)




Original FX Tungsten Hammer. Extremely heavy, for tuning your rifle to maximum power with heavy slugs. compatible with the FX Maverick, Wildcat MKIII, Dreamline, Panthera and Dynamic.

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This tungsten hammer for the FX Maverick, FX Wildcat MKIII, FX Dreamline and FX Dynamic replaces the original hammer. An upgrade that causes the valve to be opened for a longer period of time, which releases more pressurized air to thrust the slug/pellet out of the barrel.

This is possible because of the material density of tungsten, which is 1.7x that of steel. This increase in weight causes the longer valve release. A great improvement, very much suited for use with heavier slugs.

  • Fits FX non-Impact models
  • Compatible with Crown MKII, Wildcat MKII, Dreamline, Maverick, Panthera & Dynamic
  • Works with all calibers
  • Ideal for those shooting slugs


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