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Any shooter who intends to shoot even a little seriously must know Air Chrony: specialized in manufacturing highly accurate measuring devices, ballistic chronographs are their flagship product. 

These devices allow measuring the velocity of the shot and are therefore widely used by shooters and sports shooters. In addition to offering precise and reliable measurements, Air Chrony chronographs allow users to monitor and analyze the performance of their weapons and shots. Some of the shooters' favorites are the Air Chrony MK3 and Air Chrony MK1 models.

Thanks to its high precision, ease of use, and reliable results, Air Chrony has been the official meter for the World and European Championships and the official meter for the WHFTO world shooting organization since 2016.

Some Air Chrony chronograph models are specially designed for indoor use, while others are more suitable for outdoor areas. In any case, in all products available at Mundilar, you will find unique precision and performance, characteristic of an elite brand. Monitor and improve the performance of your weapons with confidence.

Air Chrony: the champion's partner! Check out our selection of Air Chrony products and discover everything we have for you!

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