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List of products by manufacturer NEGRINI

Born out of the need to easily transport a firearm between high-level competitions and unstoppable victories, Negrini is a renowned company specialized in the trade of gun cases. Originally designed to meet the needs of its creator, the transport cases quickly proved to be an effective solution for a wide range of professionals and sports enthusiasts.

In its 40 years of history, Negrini has made a commitment to listen to its customers as the foundation for offering the best solutions. By understanding the increasingly unique needs of customers, Negrini has worked diligently to address each of them and provide the most comprehensive products on the market.

Distinguished by their robustness, lightness, and security, resulting from the application of the best engineering practices, Italian experience, and quality, Negrini cases are unparalleled in the market. Find at Mundilar a selection of the finest Negrini transport cases, distinguished by their exceptional quality and unparalleled attention to detail.

Make room for evolution. Explore our selection of Negrini products and discover everything we have for you!

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