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List of products by manufacturer ATAMAN

From Moscow to the world, the story and experience of Ataman in creating airguns is unique in the market. Building upon the finest traditions of Russian gunsmiths, Ataman works tirelessly every day to craft the world's best high-precision firearms for sport and hunting.

With a vision focused on constant refinement and improvement, the guns from this brand have garnered fans worldwide, already being present in over 50 countries across the globe.

Through advanced developments, modern production technology, high-quality materials, and a consumer-focused attitude, Ataman has risen to become one of the preferred airgun brands among shooters. Among our most sought-after models from the Russian brand, we highlight the Ataman AP16 Compact PCP Pistol, available in Silver and Black versions.

Guided by high standards of quality and revolutionizing with each product, the Russian brand has been making its mark in the shooting world for over 20 years. At Mundilar, you'll find a selection of the finest Ataman PCP pistols, which you can explore in detail and make your own.

Get ready to experience a revolutionary and precise shooting experience. Explore our selection of Ataman PCP pistols and discover everything we have for you!

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