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List of products by manufacturer ARTEMIS

Some of the most modern and preferred pistols by shooters are part of Artemis Airguns' catalog. Specializing in the construction of air pressure weapons for civilian use since 1976, the company, located two hours from Shanghai, aims to be a market leader in manufacturing shooting equipment. Winning shooters around the globe, Artemis is one of the leading producers of compressed air weapons, offering high-performance, quality, and precision experiences with each gun.

With over 10 series and more than 30 different products, as well as several other patents, the brand continues to strongly invest in the innovation and development of its products through a first-class equipment control and testing system. Some of the most sought-after models of Artemis pistols include the Artemis PP800R, Artemis PP700S-A, Artemis PP750, Artemis CP400, Artemis CP1-M, and Artemis LP400. On the other hand, in Artemis rifles, we highlight the Artemis CR600W and Artemis CP2 models. For an even more complete shooting experience, discover also the various Artemis accessories we have for you: magazines, stocks, gauges, seals, and much more.

Artemis Airguns is a name that breathes innovation and quality in the world of shooting. And of course, its compressed air guns are no exception. Explore our selection of Artemis PCP rifles and PCP pistols and discover everything we have for you!

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