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List of products by manufacturer GERBER

Decades of innovation and dedication have placed Gerber at the top when it comes to knives, blades, and other multi-functional tools.

Gerber always aims to make their products solutions to specific needs and problems, which nowadays go far beyond a simple knife.

Gerber is an American brand whose products have reached all corners of the world, being favored allies of hunters, military personnel, and tradespeople. Always concerned with tomorrow's challenges and seeking innovative solutions, Gerber has a deep heritage. Examples of this heritage include the Gerber MP400 and Gerber Paraframe models.

Gerber offers a variety of knife models, each adapted for different uses and situations, such as hunting knives and military blades. In addition to knives, Gerber also produces a wide range of multi-functional tools, such as pliers and cutting tools. These tools are designed to be versatile and useful in various outdoor activities and daily tasks. All Gerber products undergo high-quality standards to ensure maximum performance and reliability.

Just like the men and women who use them, Gerber is unstoppable! Explore our selection of Gerber knives, tools, and blades, and discover everything we have for you!

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