FX Airguns Carbon Fiber Barrel Liner Sleeve



Carbon Fiber barrel sleeve for stiffening up your liner inside the barrelhousing. Great for harmonic tuning of you airrifle.

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Available versions
4.50mm | .177 500mm
4.50mm | .177 700mm
5.50mm | .22 500mm [ Option unavailable ]
5.50mm | .22 600mm [ Option unavailable ]
5.50mm | .22 700mm [ Option unavailable ]

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This FX Carbon Fiber Barrel Sleeve is specially developed to stiffen up the liner in the STX barrel of your FX air rifle, strongly reducing the harmonic vibrations (oscillating movement). By doing this, the barrel will have less movement, making for a better accuracy.

The carbon fibre used adds incredible stiffness while barely adding any weight. The tolerances are extremely tight, making the use of glue superfluous when mounting the FX Carbon Fiber Barrel Sleeve.


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