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FX IMPACT STX Slug Tensioned Barrel Kit



This FX Impact Tensioned barrel kit can be of great use when your M3 is used to shoot heavy slugs over long distances and comes with a Superior Heavy Liner.

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Available versions
4.50mm | .177 700mm
5.50mm | .22 700mm
5.50mm | .22 800mm

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The increased amount of thrust that is needed to launch a slug over long distances can cause an increase in barrel oscillation, which can negatively alter your shot pattern.

This tensioned barrel decreases these oscillations because it's more rigid and stiff compared to the original.

The FX Impact Tensioned barrel kit allows you to put your moderator right back on the ½ UNF (M18x1 for 9 mm/.35) muzzle thread again after installation.

  • Improves performance for heavy slugs
  • 1/2" UNF threaded end for moderators
  • Uses Smooth Twist X Heavy Liner
  • Compatible with FX Impact

Sound moderator shown in the picture not included.


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