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The FX Wildcat MKIII BT Sniper includes a precise air regulator and a magazine system that is easy to load. This BT version now features a high-grade, carbon fibre air cylinder of 580cc, and a 700mm barrel.

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The Wildcat family just got bigger as the original iconic bullpup got infused with power & more air!

Introducing the new and vastly improved FX Wildcat MkIII BT!

The iconic airgun bullpup, the FX Wildcat, now comes with power and air capacity to handle slugs and heavier pellets in all their various shapes and sizes. The form and function of this epic airgun has made it the favorite off-hand hunting PCP the last 7 years.  

The enhanced power comes courtesy of the massive 89cc Power Plenum, nestled in the stock of the Wildcat. This large plenum really caters towards slug and heavy pellets. Effectively extending both the muzzle energy and thus the range in which you can use this new and powerful Wildcat. (Those preferring classic sized pellets are better served by the standard Wildcat MKIII).  

Taming this massive power center and refining accuracy, is accomplished using dual FX AMP Regulators. The first AMP regulator is placed just after the carbon fiber bottle (aluminum bottle on the lower priced VP version) to reduce the initial pressure in preparation for the second regulator. This provides less stress as well as allowing the use of 300 BAR bottles. The second AMP regulator allows the precise amount of air needed for consistency with each shot. Combined with the world’s most competition winning barrel system (the FX Smooth Twist X Barrel System), this ensures you have the most accurate rifle possible in your hands! 

Complete adjustability is in your hands with the Wildcat MkIII BT! Both regulators are externally adjustable, and the rear power adjuster makes dialing in the right power easy to adjust for shifting hunting situations. A shooter can shift from the higher speeds needed for a long outdoor shot to dialing down the power for a shot taken in a barn or for target practice in the backyard. This rear power adjuster also allows quick micro and macro adjustments to fine tune the desired speed for the projectile you are shooting. 

FX Wildcat owners also have the option of using the FX Wildcat Slug Power Kit (sold separately) that allows for even more power and velocities to tailor to heavier projectiles.

The original iconic Wildcat completely changed the airgun world, offering the perfect offhand shooting air rifle. The Wildcat MkIII BT perfectly matches the advances to slugs and heavier pellets the modern shooter desires, ushering in a new generation to the brilliance of the FX Wildcat.

Wildcat MkIII BT Compact
Comes with 500 mm barrel and 300 cc carbon fiber bottle.

Wildcat MkIII BT VP (valued price)
Comes with 600 mm barrel and 400 cc aluminum bottle.

Wildcat MkIII BT Sniper
Comes with 700 mm barrel and 580 cc carbon fiber bottle.

COCKING SYSTEMForward positioned sidelever
MAGAZINE TYPERemovable high capacity


22 shot when Cal .177

18 shot when Cal .22

STOCKSynthetic with soft-touch surface.
BARRELFX Smooth Twist X Superior Liner


4,5 (.177) Length 500 mm

5,5 (.22) Length 500 mm


5,5 (.22) Length 600 mm


5,5 (.22) Length 700 mm

FILL PRESSURE230 Bar (3300 psi)
OPTICS11 mm dovetail scope mount 

(pica-tinny rail available as upgrade and accessory)


Standard Compact:
4,5 (.177) ≈ 120 shots
5,5 (.22): ≈ 60 shots 

Standard Sniper:
5,5 (.22): ≈ 90 shots

BT Compact:
4,5 (.177) ≈ shots
5,5 (.22): ≈ 110 shots 

5,5 (.22): ≈ 160 shots

BT Sniper:
5,5 (.22): ≈ 270 shots

MUZZLEBuilt-In Shroud system with ½” UNF thread

(variations may occur depending on country).

PRESSURE GAUGEOne for airtube pressure

One for regulator pressure

TRIGGERAdjustable match trigger

Standard Compact:

230 cc

Standard Sniper:

300 cc

BT Compact: 



400 cc

BT Sniper:

580 cc


Not removable



670 mm


790 mm


890 mm

CHARGINGQuick charge system MkI
WEIGHTCompact: 2,8kg


Sniper: 3kg

MORE FEATURESPower adjuster (hammer spring tension), 


Interchangable Caliber System, 

AMP Regulator – Externally Adjustable, 

Data sheet


Por (Labruguière, France) em22 Jan. 2023 (PCP Air Rifle FX Wildcat MKIII BT Sniper) :
O cliente votou no produto mas não adicionou nenhuma review, ou ainda está pendente
Por (Vieira De Leiria, Portugal) em20 Jan. 2023 (PCP Air Rifle FX Wildcat MKIII BT Sniper) :

Muito boa coisa seria

Muito contente! Isto sim...não é brinquedo. Depois de um tempo a fazer afinações, pois vinha com a potência nos 24 jourles. Agora está bem mais potente por enquanto só experimentei a 40 metros com slugs 21g. Todos os disparos agrupados no tamanho de uma moeda 5 cêntimos
Também experimentei chumbos SJB com 15g. A 25 metros com menos potência,todos agrupados no tamanho de uma moeda de 1 cêntimo.Muito contente. Obrigado Mundilar.

Por (Zaragoza, Spain) em07 Nov. 2022 (PCP Air Rifle FX Wildcat MKIII BT Sniper) :


Es mi primera carabina de gama alta, vengo de usar una gamo coyote pcp, que parece de juguete a su lado y eso que me encanta también...El envío muy rápido y eso que pillo un puente por medio...

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