Power Block Kit FX IMPACT MKI & MKII




This Original FX Impact Power Block Kit With 720 Power Plenum Upgrade Set will bring your FX Impact MKI or MKII to a total new level with a total of 72 CC of regulated air and a high flow power block.

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This Power Block kit for the FX Impact M3 is an upgrade which provides improved valve flow and delivers more power, great for use with heavier slugs on long distances.
The FX Impact 72cc Power Plenum adds an extra amount of regulated air what will result in a better efficiency of the rifle with higher power levels with a lower regulator setpoint.  Of course, you’re still able to reduce the power for lower velocities.

Does your FX Impact  MKI/MKII already have a Power Plenum installed? In this case, purchasing just the Power Block kit for FX Impact M3 variant is sufficient.

This Power Block Kit FX Impact MKI & MKII consists of the parts listed below:

  • 10337: Valvetube Power Plenum Impact M3
  • 10338: Valvetube End, Power Plenum Impact M3
  • 20671: Valvehouse, Impact, Big Plenum
  • 20271: Hammer weight Big Plenum
  • 2604: Hammerspring 52 mm
  • 2602: Spring 1x6, 2x45
  • 20275: Valve pin Big Plenum complete
  • 5154: O-ring 16,0 x 2,0 NBR 90
  • 19616: Valvestop Impact
  • 20277: Valve adjuster screw
  • 10327: Valve adjuster knob Impact M3
  • 19717: Countersunk screw M6x8
  • 19722: O-ring 9x1,5 NBR 70
  • 19227: Rubber ball 4,0mm NBR75
  • 20562: Hammer Impact HP Complete
  • 20670U: Rear Block Impact Power 2022 without serial number
  • 5110: Rubberball 4,75 NBR75



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