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Explore the Bestech Hedron BFK02D Micarta, a sturdy EDC knife designed by Ostap Hel for everyday carry. Its fixed blade is stronger than a folding knife, ideal for intensive tasks. Perfect for outdoor activities, it features a durable D2 steel blade and a durable, comfortable, waterproof and lightweight Micarta handle.


The knife is finished in Stonewash and it includes a kydex sheath.


Bestech offers excellent quality knives at great prices, benefiting from over a decade of manufacturing experience.

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Discover the versatility of the Bestech Hedron BFK02D Micarta, your go-to EDC knife. Crafted by the renowned designer Ostap Hel, the Hedron boasts a fixed blade design that ensures robustness for daily carry. Unlike folding pocket knives, the Hedron's fixed blade structure offers unmatched strength, making it a reliable companion for demanding tasks at home or on the go. But the Hedron's capabilities extend beyond everyday chores. It shines in outdoor adventures, proving to be an indispensable tool for hiking, camping, and even culinary endeavors like barbecuing.


Forged from resilient D2 steel, the Hedron's blade strikes a balance between affordability and performance. It maintains a sharp edge and is straightforward to sharpen when needed. However, it's wise to keep it clean and dry, as D2 steel isn't fully rust-resistant. Complementing the blade is a Micarta handle, known for its durability, waterproof capabilities , aesthetics, temperature resistance and comfortable grip.


It is finished in Stonewash, which is like a tumble finish: Unlike a coating its bare metal that has been tumbled with stone media to a smother finish. It's smoother and it hides scratches from normal use over time very well. Also, it slides through material better than any coated finish.


The Hedron comes equipped with a stylish kydex sheath that sits snugly against your body, thanks to its flat plastic belt loop. 


Bestech knives stand out for their exceptional value. With a legacy of over a decade in crafting knives for prestigious brands, Bestech's own line of knives offers remarkable quality at attractive prices, making them a smart choice for discerning knife enthusiasts.


What is Micarta?


•  Durability: Micarta is known for its high strength and resistance to wear, which makes it an excellent choice for knife handles that are subjected to heavy use.

•  Lightweight: Despite its strength, Micarta is relatively light, which contributes to the overall ease of handling and maneuverability of the knife.

•  Waterproof: As an inorganic microporous material, Micarta's waterproof qualities make it suitable for outdoor and wet environments, ensuring the longevity of the knife handle.

•  Aesthetic Versatility: The ability to produce Micarta in various colors allows for customization and personalization, which is appealing to many users.

•  Temperature Resistance: Its thermoset plastic nature allows it to withstand extreme temperatures without becoming brittle, which is crucial for knives that may be used in various climates.

•  Maintenance: The ease of cleaning and maintaining Micarta, along with its resistance to impacts and scratches, adds to its practicality as a material for knife handles.


This versatility, combined with the material's inherent qualities, makes Micarta a top choice for those who value durability, functionality, and design in their knives. Whether for survival enthusiasts or everyday use, Micarta handles contribute to a reliable and long-lasting tool.

Data sheet

Blade TypeFixed Blade
Blade Thickness3 mm
Blade MaterialD2 Steel
Blade Hardness59-61 HRC
Blade FormatDrop Point
Blade FinishStonewash
Overall Lenght20,9 cm
Blade Lenght9,6 cm
Handle MaterialMicarta
Handle FinishMicarta
Weight118 g


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