Bestechman Pocket Knife Dundee White G10 D2




The Dundee by Bestechman emerges as a dynamic EDC knife, a product of the joint efforts of the acclaimed Polish Knife Designer Ostap Hel and the Bestechman brand.


This knife is engineered for unparalleled adaptability, constructed from high-quality materials, and is available at an exceptionally appealing price point.


The initiative's objective is to accommodate the preferences and requirements of a broad spectrum of users, with a particular emphasis on the practical benefits that the Dundee offers.


G10, Grey PVD, D2 Blade, Movable Steel Clip are just some of Dundee’s characteristics. 

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The Bestechman Dundee marks the beginning of Bestechman's journey into the realm of functional, practical, and budget-friendly EDC knives. The design, courtesy of Ostap Hel, is the first in this promising series.


Slim and sleek, the handle of the Dundee is designed for easy pocket carry, complete with a deep carry pocket clip for discreet placement. The knife opens smoothly, akin to slicing through butter, providing a tactile satisfaction with every flick. Whether dressed up for a formal event or dressed down for casual outings, this knife is the perfect accessory to round off any outfit. The Dundee is an endearing and economical flipper, ideal for daily use with its straightforward yet highly functional design. It features a D2 steel blade, known for its reliability, which deploys effortlessly on its bearings, accompanied by a smooth and movable pocket clip for convenient carry.


The Bestechman Dundee stands out as a robust flipper knife. Its substantial liners and G10 handle ensure a firm and comfortable grip. The Drop-Point blade, crafted from D2 tool steel, is built for lasting durability and superior edge retention. When it's time to spring into action, ceramic bearings facilitate a rapid deployment with just a nudge of the flipper tab. This knife is yet another testament to Bestech's ingenuity and excellence in knife design.


The pocket clip is thoughtfully integrated into the handle, offering ambidextrous carry by switching to the opposite side. The front flipper ensures a smooth blade opening, which is then securely locked in place by a Liner-lock. This EDC stands out for its incredible value and performance.





  • Grey PVD standard blade crafted from D2 steel.
  • Quick deployment with a flipper opener on ball bearings.
  • Sleek black G10 handle.
  • Reliable liner lock for secure blade positioning.
  • Deep carry, tip-up pocket clip for unobtrusive carry.



In-Depth Look:


Ostap Hel Knives -  Innovation and Entrepreneurship Showcase. Ostap Hel is a prominent and respected name in the Polish and international knife-making scene. His dual role as an independent creator and a collaborator with top knife brands has led to a rich portfolio of knife designs and EDC tools. His creations are marked by a sense of balance and symmetry, appealing to those with an eye for detail. The Dundee's design pays homage to the iconic Crocodile Dundee film and its famous bowie blade.

D2 Steel - D2 steel is a high-carbon, high-chromium tool steel known for its corrosion resistance, surpassing that of many other high-carbon steels. Often hailed as the most rust-resistant among susceptible steels, D2's blend of strength, edge retention, and sharpenability makes it a preferred choice. It is wear-resistant yet remains straightforward to sharpen, earning the favor of many users.

Clip Point Blade - The Dundee features a Drop-Point blade profile with an extended, user-friendly cutting edge. The 3.0 mm thick stonewashed blade, combined with a high flat grind, offers optimal cutting performance. The blade's opening is enhanced by ceramic ball bearings and a classic flipper that doubles as a safety guard. Jimping along the blade spine provides thumb support, while a double-sided fuller adds structural integrity. A robust liner lock mechanism ensures safe operation by preventing unintended folding.

G10 Handle  - The Dundee's handle is constructed from G10 composite material, blending fiberglass with synthetic resin and color pigment for durability. The textured handle scales offer a secure hold, even in damp conditions, and chamfered edges ensure comfort during use. Finger grooves improve handling stability, while the open-backed design with steel spacer tubes lightens the knife's weight and simplifies maintenance. A stainless steel clip enables tip-up carry, positioning the knife in the pocket with the blade tip upward.



Bestechman stands as a distinguished brand under the Bestech Knives umbrella, renowned for a decade of high-quality OEM manufacturing for the global market.  

Each product is designed with practicality and affordability in mind, ensuring that Bestechman's offerings are both accessible and reliable for everyday use.



Maintenance Tips:


1. Handle with care! Our knives are extremely sharp.

2. Use the knife only for its intended purpose. Avoid using it as a can opener, screwdriver, chisel, hammer, crowbar, etc.

3. Clean the knife with fresh water and dry it after exposure to sea water, blood, fruits, or other corrosive substances.

4. Avoid washing the knife with harsh chemicals or in the dishwasher to prevent damage.

5. Apply a thin layer of high-quality gun oil, knife oil, or wax before storing the knife. Keep the knife and sheath clean and dry when not in use.

6. Maintain a sharp edge on your knife for optimal performance and safety.



Data sheet

Blade TypeMobile Blade
Blade Thickness3,2 mm
Blade MaterialD2 Steel
Blade Hardness59-61 HRC
Blade FormatDrop Point
Blade FinishPVD
Overall Lenght20,5 cm
Blade Lenght8,6 cm
Opening SystemFlipper
Bearing TypeCeramic
Lock MechanismLiner-Lock
Closed Lenght11,7 cm
Handle MaterialG10 Composite, Laminate, Fibreglass
Handle FinishMate
ClipStainless Steel
Weight94 g


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