CO2 Air Pistol Colt Defender Full Metal



The Colt Defender is a semi-automatic pistol with a smooth barrel and a fixed slide. It has a magazine capacity of 16 BBs and features a Full Metal coated body. It includes open rear sights and a lower Picatinny rail

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BBs 4.50mm (.177)
BBs 4.50mm (.177)

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The main feature of this pistol is the material chosen by the manufacturer, as they have used a Full Metal body, which makes this model a faithful replica of the original. It has the Colt manufacturer's logo over-printed on the side of the stock and slide.

The Defender, designed by Colt, incorporates a smooth barrel with a high performance fixed slide, which makes it an easy to use pistol and very useful for those starting out in the field. It also has a large capacity magazine (16 BBs), so the shooter will be able to fire that number of shots without reloading.

The Colt Defender incorporates a double-action trigger, which gives the shooter complete control over every shot. In addition, the pistol includes a velocity of 125 m/s, making it a weapon specially designed for medium-range precision sport shooting.


  • Caliber: 4.5mm (.177).
  • Magazine capacity: 16 steel BB's.
  • Operation: 12 grams CO2 cartridge.
  • Fixed sights.
  • Full Metal Body.
  • Manual safety.
  • Firing system: Double Action.
  • Initial velocity: 125 m/s (410 ft/s).
  • Barrel length: 10.8 cm.
  • Overall length: 17.7 cm (6.75 in.).
  • Weight: 724 grams.
  • Color: black.


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