CO2 Air Pistol Beretta Elite II



The Beretta 92 Elite II is a semi-automatic Co2 pistol that has a smooth steel barrel and fixed slide. It has a magazine capacity of 18 BBs. It has open rear sights and a lower rail for a flashlight or laser. It incorporates manual safety to prevent accidents and ergonomic anti-fatigue grip.

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BBs 4.50mm (.177)
BBs 4.50mm (.177)

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This is the high-power model in the line of CO₂-powered handguns. With its enormously high muzzle velocity it makes shooting 4.5 mm BBs lots of fun. And the price is surprisingly attractive. Operation is simple: Pull back the one-piece grip plate and insert a 12 g CO₂ capsule. The Beretta Elite II is a perfect entry-level model.

It comes as a set with BBs and protective shooting glasses.




  • Energy level (E₀)< 3.0 J
    Velocity (V₀)120 m/s (394 fps)
    Caliber4.5 mm (.177) BBs
    Power source1x 12 g CO₂
    Magazine capacity19 rounds
    Shot capacity130 rounds
    TriggerDouble Action
    Sliding Safety
    Length215 mm
    Weight545 g
    Holster typeA, D

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Por (Astrabudua, Spain) em24 Jan. 2023 (CO2 Air Pistol Beretta Elite II) :

Muy buena experiencia y buen artículo

Muy buena calidad precio y una experiencia muy satisfactoria

Por (Tavira, Portugal) em06 Oct. 2022 (CO2 Air Pistol Beretta Elite II) :

Bom artigo

The pistol appears simple at first but works well and is powerfull and precise. The design allows to have the gun nearly ready to fire and all you need is to turn the key to press the co2 capsule against the pin and valve to punctures the capsule. (Very good for some situations when you want the gun always ready to use but without co2 loss).
A pistola parece simples a princípio mas funciona bem e é potente e precisa. O desenho permite ter a arma quase pronta para disparar e tudo que é necessário é girar uma chave para pressionar a garrafa de co2 contra o pino e válvula e perfurar a garrafa. (Muito bom para algumas situações quando desejamos ter a arma sempre pronta para uso mas sem perda de co2)

Por (Palmela, Portugal) em07 Sept. 2022 (CO2 Air Pistol Beretta Elite II) :
O cliente votou no produto mas não adicionou nenhuma review, ou ainda está pendente
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