A fine introduction to competition pistol shooting.

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Equipment designed for entry-level competition shooters require every bit as much forethought and expertise as that designed for experts.

The newcomer still demands and expects a pistol capable of high performance at a reasonable cost, within an uncomplicated and practical format.

Combine these features together and you have the Alfa Pistol.

A Pistol that offers you everything you need to enjoy the challenging discipline of 10 metre pistol shooting.

  • Alfa Proj 10-meter match pistol
  • Precharged pneumatic
  • Built-in regulator!
  • Air release device
  • Ambidextrous
  • Dry-fire mechanism
  • Front sight adjusts to 3 widths
  • Rear sight adjusts for elevation, windage & 2 widths
  • Trigger adjustable for pull, position & travel; can be set for 2-stage or single-stage
  • Trigger-pull set by the factory is 8 oz.
  • Includes one removable 6-oz. weight
  • Rail under barrel is 7" long for attachment of weight
  • 11mm rail on top of barrel

Whether you're right-handed or left, the Air Arms Alfa precharged pneumatic (PCP) pistol will fit you perfectly. It's one of the few 10-meter guns with an ambidextrous grip that really works no matter which hand you use. And, you can expect world-class accuracy—but at a fraction of the price.