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Rail9-11mm (3/8") Dovetail


Por (Almoster STR, Portugal) em27 July 2019 (SCOPE GAMO RED-DOT AD30) :

Nice on PCP Pistol

As always nice help from Mundilar and I followed their advice about something more than just open sights for my ONIX reload PCP Pistol. Very satisfied with the red dot sight. The accuracy is very good out to 25 meters and since there is no magnification I think this is about the limit for shooting at very small targets.
As always super fast shipping and excellent packing.

Por (CARNIERES, Belgium) em25 May 2019 (SCOPE GAMO RED-DOT AD30) :

Efficace !

Très bon point rouge (couvre 4 MOA) pour tir carabine à air (29 J GAMO ) à 25 ou 30 mètres sur cible 14 x 14. Pas facile à régler sans chevalet de tir. Matériel tout en métal, costaud et pas trop lourd. Placé sur rail RRR 11mm.
Je recommande.
Merci à l'équipe MUNDILAR pour la rapidité d'envoi ainsi que l'emballage bien réalisé !

Por (Vieira Do Minho, Portugal) em15 Dec. 2018 (SCOPE GAMO RED-DOT AD30) :

boa mira

boa mira de boa qualidade á 20 mt é bastante precisa !

Por (Sury Pres Léré, France) em24 Nov. 2018 (SCOPE GAMO RED-DOT AD30) :

point rouge gamo red dot

très très bien !! rapidité,efficacité.
Vraiment le TOP je recommande .

Por (Sertã, Portugal) em08 Oct. 2018 (SCOPE GAMO RED-DOT AD30) :
O cliente votou no produto mas não adicionou nenhuma review, ou ainda está pendente

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