Air gun pellets RWS SUPER FIELD 5.52mm (.22) 500PCS



The RWS SUPER FIELD 1,03g is a medium-weight airgun pellet with a round head, which can be specifically used with pre-charged pneumatic airguns.

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It is very accurate and powerful and achieves high penetration power and depth.

For this reason, it is ideally suited for field target shooting and use in hunting airguns.

Caliber:0.22" (5.52mm)
Ammo Type:Pellets
Suggested for:Competition - Hunting
Weight:1,03g - 15.9gr
Pellet Shape:wadcutter.png

Data sheet

Head Size5.52mm (.22)
Weight14 to 18 grains
ShapeDomed/Round Nose


Por (Matosinhos, Portugal) em12 Oct. 2022 (Air gun pellets RWS SUPER FIELD 5.52mm (.22) 500PCS) :

Rws pellets .22

Este chumbo é extremamente preciso.
Onde bate a 50 metros ....é letal!
Muito bom !

Por (Fontaines Sur Marne, France) em24 Feb. 2020 (Air gun pellets RWS SUPER FIELD 5.52mm (.22) 500PCS) :
O cliente votou no produto mas não adicionou nenhuma review, ou ainda está pendente
Por (Ceres, Brasil) em02 June 2019 (Air gun pellets RWS SUPER FIELD 5.52mm (.22) 500PCS) :


Olá comprei esse chumbinho para minha Gamo Black Fusion para minha surpresa todos chumbinhos entram no cano da arma com uma folga muito grande, se você vira a arma para baixo o chumbinho chega a cair do cano, decepção total!

Por (Dormans, France) em11 Apr. 2019 (Air gun pellets RWS SUPER FIELD 5.52mm (.22) 500PCS) :

not very accurate

used in my coyote and not as accurate as jsb, group is larger and pellets spread

Por (Falkenberg, Sweden) em29 Oct. 2018 (Air gun pellets RWS SUPER FIELD 5.52mm (.22) 500PCS) :

Nice Size Tin

Good and reasonable accuracy. In my Gamo Coyote it had tiny bit bigger spread than other favorite pellet.


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