The brand new LP400, is a single stroke pneumatic pistol air pistol.

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4.50mm (.177)
4.50mm (.177)
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The brand new LP400, is a single stroke pneumatic pistol air pistol.

The LP400 is the latest single shot single stroke pneumatic pistol from Artemis The Artemis LP400 is similar is design to the 1911,

The pistol has been made perfectly for plinking and for the shooters that want a more accurate pistol that looks like the 1911.

This pistol is fully made from metal and features a pump action system.

  • Action - Single Shot
  • Calibre - .177 (4.5mm) Pellet
  • Velocity: 100m/s
  • Type - Single Stroke Pneumatic
  • Stock - Metal Action
  • Length (total) - 9.25" (23.5cm)
  • Weight - 1.5lb (680 grams)


Por (Quinta Do Conde, Portugal) em07 Sept. 2019 (SPA ARTEMIS LP400 PISTOL) :
O cliente votou no produto mas não adicionou nenhuma review, ou ainda está pendente
Por (Almoster STR, Portugal) em27 July 2019 (SPA ARTEMIS LP400 PISTOL) :

Fun pistol after some work, Great value!

The pistol has some strong points and some that are less good. The open sights ( the only thing you will have on this thing) are not possible to adjust up and down. The possibility to adjust is left and right only and when I got the pistol out of the box it was impossible to hit the target...

After having adjusted it left-right, I concluded that it was simply not acceptable to have to aim 15 cm above the target at 15´meters and I released the rear holder for the barrel. I cut paper rectangulars from Mundilar targets and after 4 layers of paper under the barrel, I hit where I was aiming.

The finish and " replica " feeling is just not something you should buy this pistol for, It is and looks like an air pistol. It is very easy to load and I really like the trigger- perfect for me out of the box!

After the adjustment, the pistol is shooting a very nice grouping and is quite fun to shoot with!

Be careful when tightening screws and remember that the housing of the pistol is made out of aluminium!

Por (Odivelas, Portugal) em23 Jan. 2019 (SPA ARTEMIS LP400 PISTOL) :

Só tenho a dizer bem.

O produto parece ser de muito boa qualidade. A precisão parece adequada à mira que possui.
Espero que dure muito tempo.
Quanto à mundilar, têm sido muito profissionais, eficientes e rápidos nas entregas. Estou muito satisfeito.

Por (Vila Fernando - ELV, Portugal) em04 Jan. 2019 (SPA ARTEMIS LP400 PISTOL) :


Esta pistola só tem mesmo 14,5 cm de comprimento? Obrigado.


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